Why I love the Internet

Three decades after my summer in Sri Lanka, and 25 years with no contact, the wonders of the web reunite me with Delanie, my host sister from the city of Mt. Lavinia.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Must have been a dream

Must have been a dream
Dear sister DelanieMissy,
I had the most wonderful dream that you and I met up in the States, it was in New York City of all places, and spent a couple of emotional and unforgettable days together with your husband and my family. In my dream, Duleep was the tour guide through the city in MY COUNTRY, in MY STATE! Can you imagine such nonsense? I know if we ever were to meet here in the states, Doug and I would certainly know how to get around, and where to go and what to see and eat and do in MY COUNTRY, in MY STATE, for heaven's sake. We would be the most ideal and unimposing hosts. You will never have to worry about such silliness as visiting a store full of extremely expensive dolls, which also happened in my dream. HA! Dreams are funny, aren't they?
More soon, it was such a wonderful dream and I will tell you more about it.
All the best,



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